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The story of the purple frog.

Thursday, 15th October 2015

A bunch of crypto geeks were on a week long bender and were chilled out from smoking copious amounts of weed. One of them suggested that instead of hashing the password and transmitting it that they should hash the username and the password. Everyone said cool and after thinking about that for a good while they fell asleep in their chairs.

Later that day they laid into some shrooms and someone else said that the purple frog on that giant toadstool just invited me to his realm so how about we hash the username, the password and the realm and transmit that. Everyone thought that was cool, so the purple frog drafted the digest md5 rfc and now we have an ambiguous screwed up standard that makes you wish they hadn't done that.

The end.

© 2009 Lincoln Reid <lincoln@osoal.org.nz>