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Speaking of defaults

Friday, 11th October 2013

I just recently noticed that I set up the page layout ( a heap of years ago ) on this site so it could fit full screen on a browser running 800x600.

I hope no poor sod still browses the web in 800x600 anymore, but if they do I expect they are doing it on a phone or other such limited platform that deals with that okay.

I put in a few quick adjustments to the css so it is at least set up for 1024 pixels wide less a margin of safety and did a new logo backing png. I guess if I really felt like doing some work I would do something that scales nicely with screen size. I really can't be bothered though and I reckon it is always going to look dorky maximised on a 2560x1440 desktop unless there is a heap of horizontal stuff that all scales nicely too.

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