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Text overload

Saturday, 8th March 2008

I've spent the last couple of hours converting my old text .plan posts into a suitable format for importing into the new database. I had no idea there were so many posts from back in the 1997-98 range. It looks like in my old age I write more crap per post and post less frequently than I used to.

I still have to hack something together to pull posts out of the database and dump them back to the old .plan format periodically.

There is so many posts now in the blog channel that I'm going to have to implement some sort of paging for the html views or maybe just view the last n posts or something as a stop gap measure.

I also did this nice looking login page before deciding to do the authentication on the site with client side certificates anyway, the login page is still there right now though because I don't have the heart to delete it, it's all pretty =)

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